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GENERATION 1 – HERO (fan film)

GENERATION 1 - HERO (fan film)

Generation:1 is a fan made live action transformers “costuming” movie featuring the characters of the original Transformers G1 cartoon series from the 80’s using practical effects and in camera effects. https://www.facebook.com/generation1movie/?fref=ts The GENERATION-1 film is a not-for-profit creative work of “fan fiction” intended for private use only, not for sale …

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Transformers Video Game Art – 56 x Images Gallery

Transformers Video Game Art

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Transformers Video Game Art”]   Transformers Video Game Art – 56 x Images Gallery.Can you name them all in order of appearance ?? Transformers Video Game Art Gallery.A selection of  amazing  56 x  Images from Transformers Legends Video Game App.Featuring loads of the powerful Autobot’s and the cunning Decepticons. Some of …

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