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Most Kickass Marvel Antiheroes of All Time

Marvel Antiheroes

Marvel took a lot of its fan by surprise with the announcement of Phase 4 of MCU. As Marvel fanatics around the globe mourn the departure of Robert Downey Jr’s Ironman and Chris Evans as the iconic Captain America, a slew of new heroes and antiheroes come in to fill …

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Venom Should Be a Horror Movie Where the Monster Wins

The idea has potential, but it’s all going to come down to how willing the studio is to really think outside of the box.   Diehard Spider-Man fans will swear up and down that there’s no way to make a movie about Eddie Brock and Venom without Peter Parker, but that’s really not the case. Sony’s upcoming Venom standalone movie is the perfect opportunity to prove that the character can be much more compelling and nuanced when it’s anything other than a Spider-Man villain.   Venom also has the potential to straddle two genres in a way that other comic book movies are rarely able to do well. Despite...

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