The FULL Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Piers Morgan | Parts 1 and 2

The full 90-minute tell-all interview with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan. Watch as the Manchester United star gives us his unfiltered insight into everything, including disrespect from Erik ten Hag, to the Glazers, to his belief that his Manchester United bosses doubted him when his baby daughter was ill. Ronaldo also criticises younger players’ work ethic whilst also firing back at his ex-teammates Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, who have criticised the Portuguese footballer’s actions and footballing ability during his time at at the Manchester United.

Ronaldo also goes on to tell the story of how he almost joined Manchester City but a conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him not to. Piers finally asks him about being constantly compared to Lionel Messi and where and when he thinks he will retire from football.

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