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The Moon Followed me to Falmouth, Love in the Sea

The Moon Followed me to Falmouth, Love in the Sea

The Moon Followed me to Falmouth, Love in the Sea

This August 4th Phoenix Theaters were treated to the premiere of Kurt’s Rosenberg’s musical composition The Moon Followed me to Falmouth. A lovely animated story about a seafarer and his adventure in the sea.

This marks Kurt Rosenberg second successful premiere after the renowned success of Highland Home, his last production which also was adapted into a real-life short film. The Moon Followed me to Falmouth. It was a treat, following the story of a sailor with the rhythms and eloquence that one often finds in old sea shanties, songs that passed through generations and singing about a life among the waves more often than not.

This amazing feat was capable due to Rosenbergs extensive knowledge and passion about music which include folk, pop, 40’s ballroom, 50’s jazz and sometimes, the moon. Making him an exceptional composer worthy of international praise, he prides himself on the journey to the listener. “Each piece of my music conveys a different emotion, thought, or message. I want to compose melodies that touch people and are memorable”, claims Rosenberg.

The Moon Followed me to Falmouth does an exceptional job at reminding us that the things we love can become lost through time but they will always leave us with the memories of those times, just as the sailor loved the island maiden and kept her gift, she gave him. This is a heartfelt story that everyone at some point in life felt. A forgotten love for something or someone that we remember fondly.

Rosenberg is on track to be a recognized composer, film producer, and musical collaborator, especially in Britain and Ireland. His wide range of musical styles and his connection with his fans has made him a widely known and adored artist. This film is sure to be remembered as one of Kurt’s best and most charming compositions to date.


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