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Netmarble’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross launched last year in Japan to much acclaim from fans. It’s a turn-based RPG set in the world of The Seven Deadly Sins, a popular manga and now anime series.

Boasting some impressive visuals and an extensive narrative-driven campaign, it’s no surprise that it has already hit over 1 million pre-registrations across iOS and Android since January 15th.

It aims to deliver an authentic and engaging experience for fans and newcomers alike, translating the storytelling and grand adventures of The Seven Deadly Sins into video game form.

As you continue to explore the world, complete quests, and take down enemies, you’ll work to build up your roster of fan-favourite heroes from across the series. Battles are turn-based, with the game taking a “novel approach to card-based combat systems”. Basically, there’s said to be a large emphasis on tactically combining cards to perform special moves.

When outside of combat, you can get to know the characters, including the main The Seven Deadly Sins team. Naturally, you’ll have the option to dress them up in nice new costumes or earn their trust through the in-game affection system. There’s also a bit of cooking thrown in for good measure.

The original Japanese voice cast reprise their roles to lend Grand Cross some extra authenticity, and there are over 100 cutscenes to hopefully enjoy.

If you haven’t done so already, you can pre-register to play The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross over on the App Store or Google Play. As you might expect, there are tons of pre-registration gifts up for grabs, including handy in-game currency, costumes, and weapons.

The game will launch globally for both iOS and Android on March 3rd. You can find more info over on Netmarble’s official site.¬†

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