Top 5 Geekiest NFL Stars

Top 5 Geekiest NFL Stars

When we are talking about the NFL or football in general, we can conclude that it is a sport with mixed nationalities and athletes with different backgrounds. If you bring people with different cultures, background stories, and nationalities to the same place, you end up with a league full of incredible individuals that have the same goal but they are very different from each other.

This leads to many interesting characters that play together that which makes the sport even more interesting. In today’s article, we are mainly interested in the NFL geeks.

Let’s take a look at some of the geeks that ever got a chance to play in the big league.

Chris Kluwe

Chris is probably the biggest geek that ever got a chance to play in the NFL. The main reason is his gaming obsession, primarily World of Warcraft. We all know that this game is addictive, and Chris went so deep that at one point he wanted to change his name to Chris World of Warcraft.

This might be one of the geekiest things in the world, not just in the NFL.

Josh Cribbs

Known as one of the best kick returners in the big league, that played for the Cleveland Browns from 2005-2012 is also a big geek.

Over the years he managed to pull a successful career in the NFL with eight career kick-return touchdowns and tied the single-game record of two kick returns with over 100 yards for touchdowns. Back in late 2000s, Cribbs was one of the most popular player of the NFL betting lines by TwinSpires.

But these are the things that everyone knows about Josh. What most people don’t know is that he is actually a big comic book geek. His love for comic art comes from a young age when he started collecting comics and one of his favorites is The Punisher and Ghost Rider. He still keeps his more than 100 comics collections from the past.

Lance Briggs

Lance Briggs is a former American football linebacker playing in the NFL who managed to make a successful career in the big league. He started his career playing college football at Arizona after he was drafted by the Chicago Bears back in 2003.

He was one of the most intense players in the league that most players wouldn’t want to face. Despite being one of the hardest hitters in the league, he had a soft spot for comics, just like Josh Cribbs.

Lance started collecting comic books at a young age and the love for comic art didn’t stop even when he became an NFL player. He said that he uses his free time to go to the nearest comic book store and buy some rare items, which is a bit geeky.

Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin nicknamed RG3 is a professional American Football player who is currently a free agent. He started playing football at Baylor University after being selected second overall by the Washington Redskins back in 2012.

He is also a big geek when it comes to superhero stuff and video games. He is often seen on the court dressed as superman, and his favorite games are Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

Michael Daniels

Mike Wayne Daniels Jr. is a professional NFL player playing for the Cincinnati Bengals at the defensive tackle position. Just like most players, he started his career playing for the Lowa Hawkeyes after being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

He is currently 32 years old, but still pushing his limits and playing hard in the league.

But what’s so geeky about Michael?

Well, he is a true geek and loves that kind of stuff. His main love anime goes to a point where he actually showed up to a San Diego Comic-Con dressed in a full Raikage outfit. Obviously, he loves Naruto and has a never-ending obsession with anime.





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