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Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy 17 Best Sellers List

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy  Best Sellers List

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy  Best Sellers List – Check out our Takara Tomy Best Sellers  from the  Transformers Masterpiece Toys Range. Including The Badass Megatron , The Mighty Optimus Prime ,The deceptive Soundwave & the Super Swift Hotrod !! All items Listed are Official Takara Tomy Products and are available to buy now.

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy 17 Best Sellers List

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Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-13 Soundwave by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

*Can fit 3 cassette pieces into tray *Multiple points of articulation *Takara Tomy release *Limited edition *Imported release from Japan *Brand new

Decepticon MP-13 Soundwave transforms into his classic tape deck mode and is much bigger than the original G1 version! His chest compartment opens and is scaled to accommodate the original G1 and new Masterpiece mini-cassettes, including his Condor cassette. He features a spring-loaded panel inside his compartment to allow up to 3 cassettes at once!

The Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak includes a concussion blaster and non-firing rocket launcher. Unlike the G1 toy, they can be stored in Soundwave’s back instead of becoming batteries for his tape deck mode. Soundwave also comes with a wrist-mounted sensor, has integrated speakers in his forearms, a complete Megatron gun, an empty energon cube that can plug into his chest panel, and a grid-pattern display that fits over the chest door.

Decepticon MP-13 Masterpiece Laserbeak transforms from bot to cassette or bird and can perch on the tabs of Soundwave’s shoulders and forearms.

Product Features

  • 12 inches (30.5cm)
  • Made of plastic and diecast
  • From the Transformers Generations series
  • Featuring Decepticon Soundwave and Laserbeak as articulated figures
  • Reissue of the original G1 figures
  • Soundwave transforms from robot to classic tape deck
  • Laserbeak transforms from bird to a mini-cassette
  • Soundwave includes a condor with case, Energon cube with lid, display panel, Concussion Blaster, non-firing rocket launcher, Megatron gun with a scope, silencer, and stock, and a sensor
  • Laserbeak includes a pink cassette case in which he can fit inside in cassette mode, and can perch on Soundwave’s shoulders or forearms
  • Includes instructions

Box Contents

  • MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave figure
  • Condor with case
  • Energon cube with lid
  • Display panel
  • Concussion Blaster
  • Rocket launcher
  • Megatron gun
    • Scope
    • Silencer
    • Stock
  • Sensor
  • MP-13 Masterpiece Laserbeak figure
  • Cassette case

Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-05 Megatron by Takara Tomy


The latest in the Masterpiece series! Megatron will include his pistol, energy sabre, energy mace and the Kremzeek mini figure! He stands an impressive 12″ tall and fully transforms from Gun to Robot !! Although it’s very Difficult to Transform this figure it’s not impossible. Ideal for Display and to look and admire.


Transformers Masterpiece Toys Optimus Prime / Convoy With Trailer – MP-04  by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


Get The all Mighty Transformers Masterpiece Toys Optimus Prime Convoy With Trailer MP-04 .This Highly Collectible Toy is based on the Original G1 Transformers Optimus Prime Toy by Hasbro from the 80’s. But with a Major upgrade Standing Approx 12 Inches Tall in Robot mode which fully Transforms into Convoy Truck !! This Masterpiece is also made with part Diecast Metal bits for even more Greatness !! Available for worship Now .

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Masterpiece series that provides the transformers of the highest grade specifications! From 15 years old: Age Battery: main    Full three-dimensional founder of Cybertron Army convoy commander-in-chief. Reproduce the vehicle mode comes with container. The container can be loaded with TF Binaltech series, the width of play also spread. Masterpiece series that provides the transformers of the highest grade specification. The set includes: Deformation figure Vehicle mode included for container Product Description Tomy. Product Dimensions 12.7 x 17.78 x 35.56 cm; 3.2 Kilograms.

Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-29 Shockwave / Laserwave by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


Laserwave converts from a powerful robot to a large Cybertronian handgun! Just like the G1 toy, he features an LED light up function. Laserwave requires 2 x LR44 (303/357 button style) batteries for the gun barrel LEDs and 2 x AA batteries for the chest LEDs. His eyes also light up via the light piping from the back head panel. Use the opaque gun barrel and hands for an authentic cartoon look, or swap out for the translucent versions to get the G1 toy look.

He also comes with a mini version of himself in gun mode that he can use as a weapon. The sticker sheet includes two versions, classic Decepticon logos or cartoon-styled logos. Accessories include: left and right fists, translucent right fist, saluting right hand (opaque and translucent), gun barrel (opaque and translucent), Laser Vulcan, and display stand.

Product Dimensions 35.56 x 10.16 x 20.32 cm; 453.59 Grams


Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-10 Optimus Prime by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


This brand new version of Optimus Prime is sculpted to more closely resemble the animated character, and also includes both his trailer with repair bay and Roller. In addition, this set features a Spike figure, Optimus’ orange Energy Ax, the Autobot Matrix of Leadship and his blaster rifle that can fold in half and store in his back. This version of Prime is sized to go with the Rodimus and Grimlock Masterpiece figures, so be sure to get this figure to fit in with the rest of the newer Masterpiece figures.

Product Dimensions 35.56 x 35.56 x 35.56 cm; 843.68 Grams


Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-21 Bumblebee & Spike

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

Takara Tomy’s lastest Transformers Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee, who transforms into a licensed Volkswagen Beetle! Bumblebee features a removable faceplate and pistol. It also includes Spike in a transforming Exosuit, so you can recreate scenes from the 1986 movie! Product Dimensions 21.01 x 15.01 x 7.01 cm; 220 Grams


MP22 Ultra Magnus by Takara Tomy

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


The 2nd release of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus is the MP-22 Ultra Magnus with Trailer–Perfect Edition! He has a more show-accurate design and transforms into a car carrier with a functioning gate/ramp.

He can carry 4 Masterpiece Autobots in the trailer and the small indents keep the cars from rolling off. His chest opens to reveal a Matrix compartment and the extra pair of hands are specifically molded to hold the Matrix of Leadership that comes with the MP-10 Optimus Prime.

Product Features

  • 12 inches (30.5cm)
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • Second release of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
  • Can carry 4 Masterpiece Autobots in the trailer!
  • Chest can open to reveal a Matrix comapartment!
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  •  MP-22 Ultra Magnus Masterpiece figure
  • 2 faceplates
  • Super blaster gun
  • 2 missiles
  • Spike figure
  • Daniel figure
  • Left and right Matrix hands
  • Perfect Edition trailer


MP-28 Hotrod by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

Hot Rodimus converts from powerful Autobot robot to a futuristic hot rod sports car! Accessories include Buzzsaw, visor, fishing rod, and two (2) guns. His car mode is in scale with other Masterpiece Autobot cars so he can fit inside the MP-10 and MP-22 trailers.Product Dimensions 21.08 x 13.46 x 7.11 cm; 680 Grams

This all new mold of Hot Rod does not transform into Rodimus Prime like the previous version but he does come with similar accessories like two guns, a visor and the buzzsaw. He also includes a new fishing pole so you can recreate his first scene in the movie! His matrix chamber holds the MP-10 Matrix and his car mode is in scale with other Masterpiece Autobot cars so he can fit inside the MP-10 and MP-22 trailers.

Product Features

  • All-new mold
  • In scale with other Autobots so car mode fits in the MP-10 and MP22 tralers
  • Includes a fishing pole to recreate his first scene in the movie!
  • Visor flips down and matrix chamber can hold the MP-10 Matrix
  • Comes with several weapons accessories


Masterpiece Toys MP-20 Wheeljack by Takara Tomy

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

TF 20th edition! Autobot inventor “Wheeljack” to the popular sports car line memorable pinnacle series “Masterpiece” appeared. I will be deformed from racing car to robot sports car “Lancia Stratos”. Vehicle mode that has acquired a regular license, “MP-10 Convoy” missiles and handgun trailer in storage is possible! Of the included sold separately can be mounted in both modes of robot / vehicle. * Completely new mold goods.

Takara presents a new Wheeljack color version in the Masterpiece line! Wheeljack, who played an active part in the Transformers animated series, transforms from a racing car to a robot and attached are The Immobilizer, Shoulder Cannon, Magnet Bullet, & Laser Gun! Wheeljack also includes a charater card and a stand for easy display. Add Wheeljack to your Transformers Masterpiece collection!Product Dimensions 21.01 x 7.01 x 14.81 cm; 258.55 Grams



Masterpiece Toys MP-47 Hound by Takara Tomy


Product Description  Transformers Masterpiece series, early cybertron members appearing from the first episode of animation, Hound, an important character who became friends with the Earthling boy Spike for the first time, appears! The MP-47 Hound thoroughly reproduces the styling of the hound that appeared in the anime “Fight! Super Robot Life Transformers”. In car mode, it transforms into a “ jeep ” known as a synonym for four-wheel drive vehicles! Under the supervision of Fiat Chrysler Au

All Transformers Masterpiece Toys are highly articulated figures with a host of weapons and accessories that Fully Transform .Please note Transformers Masterpiece Toys are not suitable for young children due to the Collectible Nature of Takara Tomy Products.30.48 x 30.48 x 30.48 cm; 320 Grams



Masterpiece Toys TG-33 Armada Starscream by Takara Tomy


Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


Masterpiece ToysvvMP-8X King Grimlock Exclusive by Takara Tomy

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

This masterpiece of special edition version of Grimlock includes a custom crown, as well as the sword and gun, and also is to paint slightly different than the normal MP-08 release. It is of matching colour with the Transformers comic american function, and packaging is pay tribute to the comic version as shown below. Box state may have minor shelf worn during the transport of Japan. State of the box Sold as is. Toy is new and factory sealed.

30.48 x 35.56 x 25.4 cm; 930 Grams



Masterpiece Toys MP-25 Tracks by Takara Tomy

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List


Next up in Takara’s amazing Masterpiece Series is the MP-25 Tracks! He transforms from Chevrolet Corvette to a great looking screen accurate robot and can even fly in vehicle mode by deploying his hidden wings. Both robot and vehicle mode are in scale with the rest of the Autobot cars and other Masterpiece figures

Masterpiece Toys MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron by Takara Tomy

Masterpiece Beast Wars series appeared Detron’s Destroyed Emperor Megatron! He has the beast mode of the strongest dinosaur Tyrannosaurus on the ground, and he boasts the most massive of the early two camps, as well as its styling, With the “voice” that gives off a strong individuality, I am now on masterpiece !! Thorough reproduction of the proportions and shapes in the anime play! In the Beast mode, the mechanical part is not exposed, and the texture of the skin of the dinosaur combining molding color and painting and printing is also the highest grade. In the robot mode, the exterior of the back is also compactly folded to achieve a clean silhouette. Extra-large volume as set in size. It also features a full-possible body that overturns the common sense of the deformed toy. By removing the armor of each part, you can also reproduce the lightly worn condition that you can relax at the base. And the biggest attraction is a talking gimmick that spans over 20 types using a newly recorded voice by the voice actor Chiba Shigeru who played Megatron 20 years ago. A new generation of masterpieces is completed here that makes you feel not only the form but also its voice and soul! 【Product Details】 set content Body, hunting rifle, beam effect, toothbrush, replacement face (one for smile and cry), adapter (one for robot mode, one for lift and Beast mode), instruction manual Battery used: LR44 button × 4 (sold separately) Target age: 15 years old or older

35 x 30 x 14 cm; 400 Grams

Transformers MasterPiece MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar

Transformers Masterpiece Toys by Takara Tomy Best Sellers List

Transform Rumble and Jaguar from robot to cassette and back again! *Rumble comes with additional piston arms and weapons *Includes weapon accessories Also includes 2 cassette tapes *Officially licensed Takara imported release *Brand new in manufacturer packaging


Masterpiece Toys MP-27 Ironhide by Takara Tomy


  • Takara Tomy presents their next Transformers Masterpiece action figure, MP-27 Ironhide! This Transformer is from a new mold and transforms into a licensed Nissan Cherry Vanette. This Voyager Class figure is in scale with the rest of the series, slightly larger than all the cars but still able to fit within the Masterpiece Prime (MP-10) trailer. Ironhide comes with a bunch of accessories and gadgets including a battle sled for accessory storage. Accessories include: Laser pistol, Static Laser.


Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 STAR Saber



  • Protector of the weak, defender of the defenseless, and lover of life in all its forms, the greatest swordsman in the universe, Star Saber is now in Masterpiece form! Known for his courage and unending passion for justice, Star Saber is driven to quash evil wherever he finds it. Star Saber was the winner of the “Masterpiece Fan’s Choice” poll that took place in 2013. Whether displayed in robot, starship, or jet mode, this Masterpiece version of a long time fan favorite is sure to please. 

Expect the same top quality craftsmanship ,stunning design & intricate details we have all learnt to expect from Takara’s Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys.

The Transformers Masterpiece Toys Range is a toy-line primarily focused on the collector market.
The Toys are modern day revamps of the much loved Autobot’s & Decepticon’s characters based on the original G1 Transformers from the cartoon series in the 80’s

The Transformers Masterpiece Toys are manufactured with today’s advanced engineering techniques.And the end products is a slick highly collectable ,fully articulated ,transformable Masterpiece version of many of the Classic G1 characters.

Please note these are not just toys and are generally quite expensive.They should be kept away from children at all times due to the fragile pricey nature of products.If you keep the Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys Mint in Box & in very good condition , they generally increase in value.Making them Great Investment Opportunity’s.

Though the Masterpiece line is largely developed  & designed by Takara/TakaraTomy for the the Japanese market in mind .The line is also distributed by Hasbro in Asian markets outside Japan, and in Australia as Target and Toys”R”Us exclusives.

Hasbro has have also redecorated/retooled molds from this line of toys  for release in their own markets under Store Exclusives.

See more about Takara/Tomy Products on their Official Website .Click Here

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