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Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime Statue – Prime 1 BONUS Version

Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime Statue – Prime 1 Ultimate BONUS Version by Josh Nizzi  99 cm

Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime
Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime

Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime – “Your people must learn to be masters of their own fate.” Due May 2024 . Available for Preorder via epic heroes shop

Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud to present an incredible addition to the Museum Masterline Series of Transformers Statues: the Non-Scale MMTFM-36UTS: POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME CONCEPT by JOSH NIZZI ULTIMATE BONUS VERSION from TRANSFORMERS!

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 Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime


Josh Nizzi is a master of shape language, known for his highly articulate and detailed futuristic mech and robot designs. He truly understands the way forms move in space and how each piece relates to the next. He is not shy about complexity and how to make it believable in an artistic, visual sense.

Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime

Prime 1 Studio is once again proud to reveal another breathtaking project with Josh Nizzi. A statue 10 years in the making: POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME!

Every square inch of this 39-inch-tall Optimus Prime is packed not only with detail but incredibly realistic detail. Josh’s vision is rendered into real-world wires, tubes, gears, and weapons…every panel break, every scratch, every armor piece of this Optimus Prime is just exquisite. The immense power this statue conveys can be seen in its pose and its stance.

Prime 1 Studio has poured 110% of their creativity, skill, and artistry into this statue. From top to bottom, Powermaster Optimus Prime is covered in and comprised of wonderfully rendered parts and weaponry. This Ultimate Bonus Version Optimus Prime comes with a host of amazing features already: Shoulder-Mounted Twin-Barreled Cannons and Shields, Arm-Mounted Cannons, and LED-Illumination throughout! Not only that, it also comes with a detachable Fin Funnel Wing Assembly, and a swappable Long Sword!

And when you pre-order this Ultimate Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will receive cool, extra Bonus Parts: Left and Right-Handed Energon Swords!

You might want to change your holiday gift-giving plans, to gift yourself this incredible MMTFM-36UTS: Powermaster Optimus Prime Concept Design by Josh Nizzi Ultimate Bonus Version from Transformers! Pre-order it today!

[Product Specifications] Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime

·Statue Size approx. 39 inches tall [H:99cm W:107cm D:99cm] ·Cybertronian Environment-inspired Pedestal Base
·Two (2) Removable Shoulder-Mounted Shields
·LED-Illuminated Eyes, Torso, and Weapon
·One (1) Detachable Fin Funnel Wing Assembly
·One (1) Swappable Right-Hand Long Sword
·Two (2) Swappable Left and Right Energon Swords [BONUS PART]

Transforming robots have been a part of our lives for decades. From the original Transformers to the latest iterations, these robots have entertained us and sparked our imaginations. One of the most beloved characters in this franchise is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots from Cybertron. The Powermaster Optimus Prime figure is one of the most iconic figures in Transformers history, with its unique design and features that make it stand out from other figures in the series.

This figure was released in 1988 as part of Hasbro’s Powermaster toy line. This version of Optimus Prime featured an alternate mode where he transformed into a truck-trailer combination vehicle instead of his traditional robot form. He also had several different weapons and accessories that could be attached to his body or vehicle modes, making him a truly formidable opponent on any battlefield.




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