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We Need Spidey & Black Panther Right MEOW! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures "Family Friendly" | SHORT

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Season 1, Ep 8 – Family Friendly

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When Absorbing Man destroys a bridge, separating kids from their parents, Spider-Man teams with Black Panther and is reminded that there’s nothing more important than family.

Spider-Man – Cole Howard
Black Panther – Omari Newton
Absorbing Man – Michael Dobson

Directed by Svend Gregori
Written by Eugene Son

Spider-Man, our favorite crime-fighting teenager, reveals some of the most important things he’s ever learned while on action-packed adventures with other Marvel super heroes.

Featuring: Spider-Man, Black Panther, Absorbing Man

Our coordinator Brady says, “Why can’t Absorbing Man absorb my social anxiety?”

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