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What exactly makes Civ 6 so addictive?

What exactly makes Civ 6 so addictive?

Just one more turn! How many times haven’t you said that when playing Civilization 6? We’ve all been there, but to admit that it’s an addictive game we have to learn what makes it so appealing and see if we could play it in moderation.

So if you’re one of those who had played 80+ hours of Civilization VI in less than a week, then there’s a problem! Seriously, you’re not the only one not catching enough sleep and dreaming of your next moves towards a domination victory. There’s also crazy people like the folks at ProClockers who are making Civilization 6 Tier Lists.

After all, Civilization VI does encompass humanity’s history and its future, so trying to complete a game in a day is a bit difficult. You are part of a grand goal, where your purpose is to achieve a victory through different strategies and the competition is fierce. This is what makes Civilization VI addictive.

You make new discoveries, you plan ahead and take big decisions, it’s so rewarding to see you are getting closer to your goal. With an open-ended story, that “just one more turn” part at the end of your game is too sweet to pass it.

The music is great, there are so many interesting leaders and civilizations and the art is impressive. It’s no wonder playing Civilization 6 is so pleasant and you don’t even realize you’ve been plotting to dominate the world for the past 6 hours!

Just like Civilization 6, many turn-based games are appealing because you always have that mindset: “I’ll just play a few more turns until the University is up,” or “I’ll capture this capital and then save the game and go eat.”

Lies! Thirty turns later, you realize you should have gone to sleep hours ago. With carpal tunnel wrists and your feet numb, you only get up hours later after a victory or defeat. We’ve all been there. So what should you do?

How to let go and not make “Just… One… More… Turn”

As we all know, the first step to recovery is admitting we have an addiction, no matter what that addiction is. If you’re a gamer, you know it too well. But we’ve got some tips on how to enjoy Civilization 6 and not let it overwhelm your life.

Stop at sets of 25 turns. Let’s say you’re on turn 110 and you’re thinking about going to sleep but you really want to keep playing. Plan to stop at 125. Save the game and continue the next day.

Write down your strategy. If there’s something important you’re doing and need to stop playing, make a notepad with some essential moves you were about to make next. Most players don’t want to stop because they’re in the middle of something important like attacking a capital and they’re afraid the next day they would forget all their strategy. That’s why writing some of those things may help you let go of that game of Civ 6 and pick it up next day.

Play With Friends. This may not actually be a tip, but if you’ve got the right friends to play Civ 6 with, they may call it a day and help you become once again a responsible adult. Plus, it’s fun to play with friends.

Closure. You may be able to get some closure by quickly finishing a game. To do so, look for top tier civilizations that can achieve one or two victories and try finishing the game in a couple of days, planning a few hours a day and reaching certain goals. For instance, the latest S-tier civilizations are: Japan (led by Hojo Tokimune), Macedonia (led by Alexander the Great), Russia (led by Peter I), Germany (led by Frederick Barbarossa), and Gran Colombia (led by Simon Bolivar).

It won’t go anywhere. Remember when your parents told you to leave your toy and come to eat? “It won’t go anywhere,” they’d say. So you had your breakfast and then went to play some more. The same thing goes for Civ 6. Save the game and play when you have the time. It will still be there when you start again.

As Oscar Wilde said, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” So, make sure you do the same with Civ 6. Whether it is a domination, science, religion, diplomacy or culture victory, always remember that there’s always a new day when you can continue your plans to crush your opponents.

Most Civilization 6 players joked about the game being addictive, but some people really had their lives ruined. The problem is that some people just cannot stop playing, no matter what games we’re talking about. Civilization 6 is a great strategy game, it’s fun and definitely captivating. However, be careful and try not taking it too far.

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