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What You Need to Know Before Building Your Own Board Game

What You Need to Know Before Building Your Own Board Game

Building Your Own Board Game
Building Your Own Board Game

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Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, Guess Who, Risk, the list could go on and on when it comes to board games. Board games are perfect for get-togethers. It gives you the chance to cut away from technology and just enjoy the moment. The bantering with friends and family, the competitive heat, it’s all so fun and memorable, right? 

But have you ever considered creating your own board game? After all, all board games can be because they all start with an idea. So, if you have an idea, why not use it? But what do you need to think about before building your own board game ? Well, here’s what you need to know!

Start By Defining Your Game Concept

Before you can start dreaming of board game trailers, you’ll need to first start off with defining your game concept. What’s going to be the whole point of the game? The concept? What is the core idea or theme that will make your game unique and engaging? Define the gameplay, objectives, and overall experience you want to create for players. This is the most exciting part but the most tiresome part, too. 

All games have this: you need to make the rules, figure out what pieces will be used (and for what), how the board game will look, what it takes to be the winner, and so on. It needs to be challenging but not overly challenging to the point that the rules and directions are an entire book. 

Do You Have Inspiration? 

Sometimes, it’s good to have some inspiration. Some of the best games, comics, movies, etc., are all based on inspiration from something else. So, before diving into design, familiarize yourself with existing board games, especially those in the same genre or with similar themes. The point isn’t to copy, but the point is to get some inspiration so you know what to do and where to get yourself to where you want to be with this. 

You’ll Need a Prototype

Every invention needs that first prototype, so is it going to be easy to get yours? You don’t need to go overboard or do anything fancy. Even just some plain cardboard with drawings on it can be wonderful too. The whole point is to have something that gives you a strong idea of how it’s going to be, so that’s the entire goal of all of this. 

Do You Want to Sell This?

For some people, the whole point of making a board game is so they have something new and unique to play with their friends. It’s meant to be a fun passion project and literally nothing else. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people want to sell it, and some people see that it has become such a big success to the point that they want to try to see if it can get any better. So, do you want this as nothing more than a fun game for your friends or do you want to make some money from it?

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