Where can I play superhero themed Games ?

Where can I play superhero themed slots?

Superhero movies took Hollywood by storm in recent years and were some of the most successful at the box office. Looking back at their humble beginnings, it is hard to believe that they came so far and won the hearts and minds of so many moviegoers. What’s not surprising is that online gambling operators were quick to pick up on the vibes and created games inspired by them. Superhero themed slots were among the most popular ones at online operators, but their future looks in jeopardy.

Superhero themed slots mirror the success of films

Iron Man was the first truly successful superhero movie and it served as a source of inspiration for many of the films released between 2013 and 2021. Marvel stepped into the immense potential of its portfolio and came up with a flurry of such films that were huge commercial successes. They went a step further and licensed mobile casino websites to develop and provide players with superhero themed slots. They followed the same upward trajectory as the movies themselves can continue to mirror the positive trend.

All major game providers have developed some superheroes slots, but Playtech had some of the best Marvel themed games. The modern slots, with multiple winning combinations and even progressive jackpots were instant hits with the online casino audience. Most of those who had a keen eye for movies and slots were quick to embrace this new genre and give them a spin. Even players who had no real interest in superhero films were inclined to play these games because of the core qualities.

The future looks bleak for superhero themed slots

The slots are far from exhausting their potential and there is still tremendous interest for the genre. People love heroes in general and characters with special abilities in particular, as well as the escape from reality they offer. By bringing to live comic characters in a very convincing way, these movies exploited the untapped potential of the genre. The slots are also visually appealing, have immersive gameplay and exciting features and prizes. These were all essential qualities in the recipe for success.

Marvel slots are arguably the most popular ones out there and Playtech was the driving force behind these games. The slots had everything from stacked and sticky wilds, free spins that can be re-triggered, bonuses and special features, as well as progressive jackpots. There are hundreds of online casinos offering Iron Man 3, Avengers, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and similar games. Even in land-based casinos, players can find superhero themed slots, so they are a worldwide phenomenon.

Unfortunately for the fans of the genre, 2017 was the beginning of the end because Disney acquired Marvel entertainment. One by one, Playtech games had to be pulled at new licenses were no longer granted. Top superhero theme slots are now inspired by the DC universe, with Man of Steel, Superman II, Batman and Catwoman Cash, Green Lantern being the best examples. They can be enjoyed at many online casinos, but it’s uncertain if DC will follow the example set by Disney when their licenses expire.


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