Why Radiohead Hated Creep

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INFO: So, we all know Radiohead, right? Arguably one of the most groundbreaking, influential and critically acclaimed bands of the modern era. Yeah, it’s already been talked about over and over again. But what about Radiohead’s lowest points? I mean, surely even the greatest bands of all time have made some mistakes along the way. And if you asked the band members themselves about their slip-ups i think the song Creep most likely would come to mind. Hardcore fans do enjoy it, but find it to be a misleading song in terms of what the band really has to offer. And the band members used to say the exact same thing too. They knew they had more to offer, but were glorified as a one-hit wonder because of the song’s popularity. A reputation that took its toll on the members, especially vocalist Thom Yorke. Let’s take a closer look.

Edit by: Eduardo Cruz
Script by: Diego Pizarro


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