10 Anime Characters Who Got Seriously Ripped

10 Anime Characters Who Were Ridiculously Muscular
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Marvel movies and big budget action franchises boast some seriously ripped heroes. Thor from “The Avengers”, Rambo, and the spartans from “300” may all have incredibly cut bodies, but even they don’t hold a candle to some anime characters.

Anime feature some of the greatest heroes of all time. We’ve seen them save the world, battle monsters, and gain new abilities dozens of times over. Most of them do so because they have achieved inhuman levels of physical fitness.

While there are certainly anime characters who are born naturally powerful, the best are the ones who have to achieve their strength the same way we do, over time. Impossibly strong characters like Goku, Saitama, and Luffy all started from places of relative weakness only to become the powerful forces of good they are known for through training and hard work.

Minor characters can also gain incredible levels of strength as well. A character like Mikasa from “Attack On Titan” has to maintain a certain level of fitness to be able to fight alongside Eren Jaeger against larger than life Titans. Not every ninja in “Naruto” has the powers of a Nine-Tailed Fox to draw from and must train constantly to compete with other shinobi.

While those characters most anime fans are familiar with, there are some that are ripped that many may not know about. Less popular anime like “Terra Formars” and “Jormungand” characters in them that are stronger than most body builders.

There’s no doubt that anime feature some of the most overpowered characters out there but which have the most impressive physiques? Here are 10 anime characters who are seriously ripped.


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