10 Most Insane Things Wolverine Could Survive

The Times Wolverine Proved To Be Indestructible
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Wolverine has proven to be one of the toughest mutants ever seen in Marvel history. Not just because he has a prickly personality, but because his healing factor has allowed him to bounce back from just about any injury that’s been thrown his way. It’s insane to think about just how many jaw-dropping moments Wolverine has simply shrugged off and walked away from in his long history in both the films and in comics. They should call him the Indestructible Wolverine!

Just look at the time he had his adamantium skeleton literally ripped out of him by Magneto, or surviving the full force of nuclear blasts both in the comics and in the movies, or even how he was able to stand up against the mighty force of the Dark Phoenix when everything around him was turning to dust. All in all, Wolverine might just have the best ability out of anyone because he really doesn’t have to worry about biting the bullet any time soon.

Today’s video is all about Wolverine and all the insane fights and injuries he’s healed from. Some of them have proved controversial over the years, but they definitely represent just how awesome Wolverine can be. So go ahead and check out the video and be sure to tell us at the end which brutal Wolverine injury is your favorite. Also, why don’t you go ahead and hit that subscribe button while you’re at it!


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