10 Theories About Captain Marvel's Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10 Theories About Captain Marvel's Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Captain Marvel is on her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – which is an extremely exciting prospect for fans of the franchise and fans of comic books in general – and she’ll make her first appearance in her 2019 solo movie.

Oscar winner Brie Larson will play the character otherwise known as Carol Danvers – and she’s set to be the MCU’s most powerful heroic character to date (even more powerful than the likes of Thor, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch!).

Her first movie will be set in the past (the 1990s, to be specific), however, and this video is more about what will happen with the character going forward. These theories are all about Captain Marvel’s future in the MCU.

The theories in question are; that she’ll be the one who finishes Thanos of in the fourth Avengers movie, that she’ll somehow be connected to the Quantum Realm, that she’ll become the leader of the Avengers going forward, that she’ll have a romance in the MCU, that she’ll unleash her Binary powers at some point, that she’ll join the Guardians of the Galaxy, that she’ll create a new team to lead, that there’ll be other Captain Marvels (one of whom Carol Danvers will mentor), that she’ll don her iconic blue and red costume in the very near future, and that she’ll get her own trilogy of solo movies (like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America).

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1. She’ll kill Thanos
2. The Quantum Realm
3. Leader of the Avengers
4. A romance
5. She’ll unleash her Binary powers
6. She’ll join the Guardians of the Galaxy
7. She’ll create a new team
8. Other “Marvel” characters
9. The iconic costume
10. She’ll get a trilogy

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