10 Times Yamcha Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)

10 Times Yamcha Showed He Deserves Your Respect (Dragon Ball)

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Dragon Ball has introduced dozens of fantastic characters over the years. No one denies that Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta are awesome. The only problem is that the main characters often overshadow the little guys. Minor characters like Tien, Yajirobe, and Chiaotzu are still in the mix despite having very little screen time in Dragon Ball Super.

Perhaps the most overlooked of them all is poor Yamcha. He began his life in the anime as the show’s resident bad boy. Before the likes of Vegeta and Piccolo showed that anti-heroes could become best friends, Yamcha went from antagonistic rival to an invaluable part of Goku’s team. The early days of the show featured many heroic Yamcha moments, but the character has fallen into some dark times since the spinoffs.

Dragon Ball Z often showed Yamcha as the first person to lose against the big bad. During the Saiyan Saga and the Android Saga, Yamcha was quickly taken off the board just to validate the new villains. Still, he showed enough merit to deserve the respect of fans.

There are several moments throughout the franchise where Yamcha showed tremendous skill and heroism that more or less was overlooked by fans. He has saved the gang from tragedy several times over. He’s also pushed himself far passed his limits even in fights where he obviously didn’t have the advantage. Not to mention the fact that he had a very successful professional sports career that mostly flew under the radar.

Here are 10 times Yamcha was underestimated in the Dragon Ball series.


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