#162: The Fantastical Review of the Movie About Harley Quinn and the Rag Tag Team including a Cynical Police Detective, Crime Fighter, Singer with the Doppler effect for a Power and Oddly Named Pick-Pocket who we hope never becomes part of the Bat-Family!

This week on the Toy Power Podcast the boys unbox the latest NECA TMNT emerald green variants. Are THESE how you remember the cartoon? Has NECA struck gold by including simple printed pack-ins! And how cold does a pizza in an open pizza box get if its made out of plastic? We break it all down for you and work out which one you would choose if you could only buy one set (a fantastical world, granted, but you gotta suspend disbelief for this segment) AND the next segment too! Yep its time to dive into the new Harley Quinn movie, which has us all a little confused as to what we should call it. A super cool female team up? An underwhelming underwhelmy not so whelming masses pleasing superhero romp? You decide… from hair-ties in fights, to face peeling, hyena hijinx – we break down and conclude its all really batsh!t crazy after all.  And then its a deep dive into the state of the boys toy collections after all the glitz and glamour of NY20. Who’s getting what, and what needs to make room for all those toy goodies. There are no easy choices in this episode, and some names get added to the sale list that might even scare you more than Victor Zsaz with a knife. Just don’t blow a snot-bubble!

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