#164: Real Toys have Curves

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, the boys catch up with our American brotha Mr Chris Wisdom and Trent has lined him with an entrance song and a familiar voice he was probably hoping to escape… The Soapbox is dusted is off and makes a welcome return as we swing hard and wide at all things toys and retail related. Even in the US, the fabled She-Ra toys seem hard to find but what are they up against in todays market? Is Chris’s wife a paradox? Ben discovers a brother-in-arms as Chris takes us down a Dragon-Ball-filled memory lane with guest spots for Young Justice, Bluey and Baby Yoda. Then it’s time for the hard facts with Frank: Just where did the wheels start to fall off the Star Wars bandwagon? Is the tomato-meter a factor? Then it’s Quiz time only this one only has one participant : Just how well does Chris know his Toy Power? Is Ben’s mum the reason he drinks? Darkwing Duck inspires respect while Where’s Wally inspires a grammatical war of words. Chris then turns the tables as he asks us a philosophical LEGO question – what’s your answer? Apologies for the swears and teeth marks, but it was late and we all needed to unwind a little. :p

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