20 Anime Revelations Nobody Saw Coming

Huge Anime Revelations That Surprised Everyone

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Sometimes, an anime delivers a game-changing revelation that makes you reconsider the entire story. It can be a jaw-dropping, mind-bending reveal that we never saw coming; something that turns our brains to mush that threatens to leak out of our ears or, you know, maybe it’s just something as simple as Kakashi removing his mask in Naruto.

Today, we’ll be going into some of the very best anime revelations of all time and talking about what makes them so great. Everything from Selim Bradley’s true identity in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood to Goku’s alien lineage in Dragon Ball Z,to those amazing titan reveals in Attack on Titan. All these moments and more just got our blood pumping and cemented these anime as some of our favorites and, without a doubt, we’re sure they’re some of your favorites too.

But what truly makes a great anime revelation? It’s not just how the reveal affects the audience, but also how it affects the characters in the show. For example, the reveal of Natsu’s true origins in Fairy Tale is a great revelation, but only because it’s great to see Natsu himself process this new information and move forward from it. A perfect revelation has a tremendous impact on both the audience and the characters, and all of the revelations listed in this video today fit that bill perfectly, so go ahead and check out our video of the biggest anime revelations of all time.


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