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20 Cartoon Characters We All Had A Crush On

The Cartoon Characters We All Had Feelings For

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We’ve grown up with a lot of cartoons. We can learn so much from them and they can help us develop as people. Cartoons can help us discover some latent interests and can become our favorite stories. Also, as a kid, you begin to notice certain changes. You might notice that the drawn moving picture on your screen is kind of cute. You may have developed a cartoon crush along the way. This is perfectly natural to have these feelings for cartoons characters. Heck, most people today still have cartoon crushes, so whether it was the first time you saw Jessica Rabbit or that time you thought Prince Eric was just such a dreamboat, we’ve all had those feelings for some imaginary cartoon character. Whether it was a Saturday Morning cartoons like Rescue Rangers or The Smurfs or a childhood anime like Sailor Moon or Pokemon, we’ve picked characters a lot of people would identify as a cartoon crush.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ones people generally pick. We’ll be sure to cover a lot of the early cartoons and anime people have watched and a few retro choices as well for our older viewers. If you like our list, let us know in the comments section below. If you think we missed anyone you had a crush on, be sure to let us know. Trust us, the hardest part about making this list was only choosing twenty characters.


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