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Blind Jedi Master Star Wars Fan Film

This Star Wars fan film about a blind Jedi Master by YouTuber Stephen Vitale is super high quality. We’ve seen a ton of Star Wars fan film and this one is in the top 10 easy! Hoshino tells the story of a young, brash, impulsive and naive Padawan and her journey to become on with the Force. In her eagerness, she blinds herself. She might remind you of a certain Anakin SkyWalker!

“We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. we defend and protect, we never attack.” Even the dialogue is well written and for a fan-film the effects look bid budget.

There are literally dozens of Star Wars fan film on the internet. Here are some more of our favourites.

  1. Darth Maul – Apprentice a Star Wars fan film about the coolest Sith ever.
  2. Star Wars Legacy of the Force – Han & Leia ‘s kids. Didn’t someone else do that?
  3. Tie Fighter – Animated and Manga style. Short but huge fun to watch. Its time Tie Fighters got more screen time!
  4. Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls – This is an award winning fan production.
  5. TK-436 – A StormTrooper’s story – A story from a StormTrooper’s perspective. Much like the Darth Maul and Tie Fighter stories this one is from the perspective of the bad guy.

We’re sure that you will struggle to choose your favourite as they are all so good. We wish all these fan film producers would team up and figure out a mega cut of all the fan films together and how they fit into the over all timeline.

In fact we hereby sanction a petition for someone to cut every single Star Wars film and fan film to be put together! Who is up for it? If you could create a film, what would your film be about? So many cool characters deserve the spotlight!