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WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE Bat in the Sun Super Power Beat Down

Wolverine can hold up against Hulk, he should take Wonder Woman? Right? WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE Bat in the Sun is the latest in their series of Super Power Beat Down.

Its an awesome job by the special effects team and by the choreographer for an epic, awesome fight scene! You might have guessed or known who is going to win but we thought it would’ve been much more one sided so it was brilliant to see how evenly matched it all was in the end! Both characters are treated very respectfully. Some fans, think it’s kind of sad that a YouTube channel has the closest to canon depiction of Wolverine (personality, looks, costume, height) rather than the actual films. A little pedantic, but hey, everyone has an opinion.

We are looking forward to the alternate ending, something Bat in the Sun will also film and release. If Wolverine can hold up against Hulk, he could/should take Wonder Woman. Hulk has also ripped Wolverine half mind you so maybe not with the Amazonian? WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE Bat in the Sun is a slick production, albeit the actual fight sequence leaves you wanting more!

Awesome little cameos by Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Cyclops was icing on the cake and welcome easter eggs. Apparently DeadPool and Gambit missed the final cut.

Anyways, this is a fight between two warriors and there was only one way it could end. This was fantastic!. Watch it, share it! If you have never seen a Bat in the Sun video wait until after the Comic Con interviews and the action will kick off. Its worth the wait!

Bat in the Sun Productions is an audio/visual company that was founded in 2001 by Aaron and Sean Schoenke. Their work has collected many film awards, and has received attention from the film industry, as well as growing a large loyal fan base. Their films have been featured on major mainstream media channels. We love Bat in the Sun and have known them for their hit web series “Super Power Beat Down”, a show that has gone on to receive over a 100 million views!

Tons more Bat in the Sun type videos on their website and you can also vote for the next winner of the fight between Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099.