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What could a Multiverse look like

What could a Multiverse look like

What a great visualization, it’s quite mind-altering to say the least. What could a Multiverse look like that is the question, no? Well feast your eyes on the video above.

What if the universe was just another organism existing in its own frame of existence?

It is very easy for the human mind to visualize the multiverse as separates within a whole, each universe separate from the other in this greater plane of existence.

We theorise that the multiverse is more pervasive than that, that each universe is embedded in each other, intricately nestling it’s selves in the void between matter.

We see matter, we touch it, taste it, but through physics we have discovered that there is more space between particles than the space the particles actually occupy. As we descend further into the microverse, we find space between atoms, between the electrons and protons and neutrons; the further you go down, the less space is occupied.

Mind-boggling isn’t it? Beyond human calculation? To comprehend, or at least visualize, all one has to do is realize all is contained within. The microcosm exists within the macrocosm. Just think we could travel the verse everyday thanks to Batman’s Brother Eye technology. Just think there is another you somewhere out there. Maybe you are Batman in that multiverse? Maybe on Earth 2 in our multiverse there are superheroes and Transformers and Jedi Knights all walking around saving the day. Another question is though, what would Batman do if he knew we were popping in out of the Multiverse?

Back in the real world Bats has already crossed verse by way of virtual reality Batman. More to read on a multiple universe.

The real world is simply to terrible to admit, It tells man he is a small trembling animal who will someday decay and die. Culture changes all of this; makes man seem important, vital to the universe, immortal in some ways. Quote from Ernest Becker.