Augmented Reality eSports

This AR eSports tournament is coming to America.

Posted by VRScout on Thursday, February 1, 2018
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Augmented Reality eSports Coolest Thing Ever! Video Game News

Augmented Reality eSports Coolest Thing Ever! Video Game News

Augmented Reality eSports is the Coolest Thing Ever! We LOVE that girls get to equally compete with boys in this game. Play dodgeball outside with VR in your eyes. We dont know yet if there are loot crates to purchase for upgrades, or are the dance moves some type of cheat code sequence? If dancing is part of this, we are going to lose! At least this gets people moving and out from sitting at their computer or console while still implementing technology in a way that’s become increasingly popular among the younger generations.

Augmented Reality eSports

Whilst some would prefer real dodgeball there’s some pretty awesome possibilities with this that you can’t really do in real life. The ability to produce shields or even other abilities would actually allow even the physically challenged to enjoy something they may otherwise not be able to. Not to mention who doesn’t want to be able to go all DBZ/Streetfighter on some Mfs lol!

Augmented Reality eSports

Check out if you want to play, it will be coming to several countries soon! Currently available in Japan, Spain, Vietnam, Korea, USA and Malaysia!

Augmented Reality eSports

Attack: Energy Ball: Target your opponent’s life then shoot the energy balls.

Defend: The Sheild: Activate the sheild by raising your hand over your head.

Avoid Opponents’ Attack: Avoid opponent’s attack by dodging and moving.

Team Work: Smash the opponents with team work strategically.

HADO™ is so-called “e-Sports” or Augmented Reality eSports in which players must move their bodies. In order to promote this new sports genre, meleap held “HADO™ WORLD CUP” to determine the greatest HADO™ player/team in the world. They are also planning to launch a “Techno Sports Olympics” by 2020 to get the whole world excited about HADO™! We CANNOT WAIT. Someone bring this to the UK please now! HADO™ can be implemented into multiple scenarios including commercial or entertainment events, original content [someone make a Marvel one please] and leisure facilities etc. In the world of HADO™,  you can fight against monsters, giants, or battle with other players. The realisation of the magical world is near! If you something just 2D on a screen get your Hadouken out in this

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