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Moxie – The First Smartphone for your Beloved K9 !!

Moxie – The First Smartphone for your Beloved K9 !!

First Smartphone for your Beloved K9 !! A story of love, new ideas and shared experiences. Moxie – connecting dog owners and their best friends…

First Smartphone

Moxie First Smartphone is an idea becoming reality – with your help. An idea born of love and care. The connection between dog and owner is unique. Best described as unconditional love. After noticing his coworkers worrying about the well-being of their pets at home while they were away, Tony Beizaee – Moxie’s founder – knew that he had to help them out. We can reach our friends any time we want. Simply pick up our cell phone and call our human friends. But our best friends can’t be reached. They don’t have their own phone. That’s where Tony’s mind went to work. He invented Moxie, allowing pet owners to stay connected with their dog regardless where they are.

First Smartphone

Through the touch of a button, Moxie software will instantly call your furry companion from your smartphone. With Moxie worn by your best friend on the included comfortable Moxie collar, owners are able to talk to their pets, take videos & screenshots with the Moxie camera, and stream their puppy’s adventures from their perspective live on all social media platforms.

First Smartphone

And most importantly, with a bark YOUR DOG CAN CALL YOU!!! Pet owners will be able to activate Moxie’s bark-to-call technology as they deem fit, while also scheduling calls from their best friend throughout the day.

Moxie First Smartphone is a vision to expand the relationship of all pet owners with their pets around the world. We love our furry companions, and Moxie will help nurture that unbreakable bond from the moment you receive your very first phone call.

If you share our vision, we hope that you will back us and transform moxie intro reality !!!

Welcome to the Moxie family, and together, with your support, we will become the biggest community of connected pet lovers world-wide!

Moxie was developed by a team professionals with years of experience in IT development in Irvine California by Evan Jafa, President CloudifyInc, Founder Of InnovateOC, Co-Founder Of Moxie and Dr. Tony Beizaee, Managing Partner @IOCVentures,

Co-Founder Of Moxie with a unique approach and utilizing Patent Call to Bark Technology combined with the most elegant design and was launched on April 24th via the  Kickstarter funding platform campaign. 


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