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Comics Can Be More Real Than Many Marvel Movies

Comics Can Be More Real Than Many Marvel Movies

Comics Can Be More Real Than Many Marvel Movies – I have recently been to the theaters to see Deadpool 2 and it has amazed me. I read my fair share of comics and I really adore Deadpool. So this movie got me to think about the Deadpool comics and his whole situation and how he is built. So I’ll tell you why comics can be more real than many movies by using the Deadpool example at the beginning. And yes, the movie triggered these thoughts, but the comics were the ones that started it all and if it wasn’t for them, then I wouldn’t write this article.


The Struggle

Even though Deadpool appears to be all happy and fun, deep down he has some really twisted thoughts. That’s shown really well between the comics. He basically masks his troubles with the help of sarcasm and bad jokes, which is a thing many people do. And in one way or another, almost every comic has this “struggle” element. Batman, for example is completely masking his emotions and he shows them very rarely.

The Memes

Another thing to note about Deadpool specifically here is that he takes real concerning situations from the real world and he turns them into a joke to show the absurdity of those situations.  Other comics do something similar also, but you can see this really well in the Deadpool ones.

Real Situations

Again, Deadpool has something many people struggle with. He kinda has a death wish. And he actually manages to realize his wish briefly but he returns to the real world. Doing so makes him stronger and better mentally speaking (yeah, I just wrote that). Many comics deal in different ways with these situations and I’m sure many of them helped certain people.

Now comes the more fun part of the real situations. For example, there is a Deadpool comic called “What Happened In Vegas” that makes a bit of fun of that Vegas saying. Gambling is presented in the right way, so it can help a lot of people.

There are also many characters strongly related to the casino world. And these days it is quite common to see some gambling in the comics because it’s something that many people do. It seems that Superman also had a war on gambling. Two-face is a pretty well-built character that also played his fair share of casino games and it’s quite interesting to see such stories. What I drew from these stories is that too much of anything can harm you. So pay attention to what you’re doing.

Since we’re still on the subject, there are even online casino games based on superheroes! So that can show you how much comics have changed our life forever and how they can represent reality better than movies. I have also played my fair share of slot games and I think they’re pretty cool, especially the Marvel ones. But I have also spent some time on Stargames Online. This really shows how much influence comics can have and I don’t think that’s a bad thing in this case since I try to measure my actions because of these amazing comic stories.

In conclusion, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from comics. Even if they usually have protagonists that are powerful, they can present reality in a way that has never seen before. That’s something that we should all cherish.


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