PICS: The Joker Phoenix takes over New York tubes station as Joaquin Phoenix films in full makeup

In Cape Town, South Africa – the upcoming standalone Joker movie has started to film and currently taking place in New York. The release date is October 2019 [maybe Halloween?].



Following the surprising release of the first footage showing Gladiator actor Joaquin Phoenix in full makeup as the Joker, the actor was again spotted filming scenes inside an NYC Subway station in Uptown, Manhattan, New York, USA on Saturday.


Of course, the paparazzi have managed to get some juicy shots. The snaps show Joaquin Phoenix dressed as the mysterious character while on the movie set. As mentioned above its so close to Halloween, and the Joker looks like those scary prank clowns that show up every year instead of the standard Joker. This one’s going to be a horror movie folks!


joker-phoenix 2

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