Why Vince McMahon Picked Stephanie Instead Of Shane for WWE Power Role

Why Vince McMahon Picked Stephanie Instead Of Shane for WWE Power Role

WWE Power Role – Both Stephanie and Shane McMahon literally grew up inside the ring. From when they were kids, their father, Vince, would bring them along. The two siblings were introduced to both the business side as well as entertainment side of WWE at a young age. So, how then did Vince end up choosing the younger Stephanie instead of Shane to run WWE ?


Why Vince McMahon Picked Stephanie


We know Vince McMahon to make a lot of huge, unexpected decisions in his career. Placing a real money gamble on what the guy will do at popular online casinos is as treacherous as getting in the WWE ring. Decisions that have gone to change and shape up the WWE . Choosing Stephanie over Shane is a great example of those decisions.


Vince chose his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, to get the power position in the WWE some years back. At the moment, Stephanie is an ambassador for the WWE brand. She is instrumental in some of the brand’s business. Her husband, Triple H, is now the CEO of the company, taking care of live events and creativity. Shane could have filled any of those roles but he didn’t…

Since the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, we haven’t seen Shane. Memories of him taking a table bump off the top of a turnbuckle are still in people’s minds.  However, he’s still the Commissioner of Smackdown Live. On the other hand, Triple H and Stephanie work on a daily basis within the WWE . Shane hasn’t been seen and he’s an on-air talent only when he’s needed.


In 2009, Shane left the WWE in order to do his own thing. Most people thought this was to do with Stephanie’s rise to power.

Dave Meltzer said Vince McMahon made the decision to put Stephanie in a greater backstage role than Shane for business. This was when he was asked during an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer said that it was an issue of being right for the job.

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He went further to say that Vince thought Stephanie was better and most people thought so too. Most people actually think that of the two, Stephanie understands the business better.

Nothing seems likely to change this status quo any time soon. It does look like Vince made a very good decision.


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