New Marvel Superhero Moon Knight Fan Film JUST released

Moon Knight new Marvel Superhero fan film JUST released! We were contacted by Caden Butera, the film director and Moon Knight is gripping, gritty super hero movie. Moody lighting and music will capture your attention in the build up to the part we all will love in this film. Thats is, when, Moon Knight finally appears.

Beaten down and broken, Marc Spector is a man who’s been shattered into 4 separate identities, the sum of which come together to form the hooded crusader of vengeance: The Moon Knight.
“Moon Knight” is a fan film based off the classic 1980s Marvel comic by the same name. What made this character stick out amongst the other heroes of that time was simple: Moon Knight didn’t have 1 secret identity…he had FOUR. Steven Grant, an intrepid millionaire stockbroker, takes down organized crime from the top of the ladder. Jake Lockley is a late night taxi driver who listens to the chatter of the guilty as a means of gathering intel. Marc Spector is a retired mercenary who is seeking revenge. Moon Knight is a mask-donning punisher of the night.
Caden Butera, the writer and director of the fan film, says “I, along with all the other Moon Knight fans out there, have been dying for the character to get his debut on the big screen. He’s such an awesome & complex character; I hope one day he’ll hit the limelight.” Director Caden Butera, along with a skeleton crew of passionate fans of the character, came together to make this film for existing fans of Moon Knight and to hopefully spark new ones.

Be warned Moon Knight is more brutal than the Punisher! This is a Moon Knight Fan Film after all!

Extra information

Shooting Locations: Shot in the Pacific Northwest (North Idaho and Spokane, Washington)

Budget: Self funded (Basically a shoestring budget of nothing). Its a great effort too!

Written & Directed by Caden Butera


Marc/Moon Knight Tim Altevers

Joey Charles Fletcher

Frank Stephen Morton

Taxi Passenger 2 Mark Butera

Frankie Kyle Ross

Thug Bill Bill Bancroft

Thug Max Max Jordan

Thug Pavel Pavel Chernichenko

Thug Risky John Risky Boltz

Thug Jerry Jerry Buxbaum

Thug Micah Micah Swet

Thug Cecil Cecil Douglas Trail

Thug Ben Ben Burke

Thug Mathias Mathias Oliver

Let us know what you think in the comments. Also have a look at Deadpool vs Deathstroke fan film .

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