Star Wars Resistance First Order Spy

Who is the Star Wars Resistance First Order Spy? After Torra’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Major Vonreg, the First Order sends a contingent of Stormtroopers to the Colossus in order to hunt down the pirate spy in this clip from “The First Order Occupation.”

So who is the Star Wars First Order Spy? A recent community poll on Youtube asked ” Who Do you think is the First Order spy on Colossus”? 26 per cent chose Captain Doza, Neeku came in at 16 per cent. Torra Doza was seven per cent. Griff Hollaron was only six, and Jarek Yeager was at a whopping 45 per cent. Some people chose Captain Doza because Aunt Z [Z’Vk’Thkrkza] is suggesting as much. The bartender on the Colossus station, Aunt Z, she should have some inside information. We have also seen that Doza wasn’t very friendly with the First Order.

First Order Spy The Dozas
Captain and Torra Doza

A reason that Griff Hollaron was chosen is that he did not help the aces with the pirate invasion. Perhaps Griff was just not on the station or he was off on vacation. Nonetheless, the former Imperial pilot certainly seems like someone that could be the First Order spy. Some people think it looks too obvious. Some believe that Captain Doza being pressured by the First Order to spy. Maybe, Kazuda Xiono is trying to help Torra’s dad because of his relationship with Torra, unless they throw a surprise in there and Torra is the First Order spy and her father is trying to get her away from them?

If that’s the case, Captain Doza might approach Kazuda and ask for his help. That could be interesting, no? Maybe Kaz and Poe Dameron take Torah, and she goes and becomes part of the resistance. Others say it’s 100 per cent Yeager. His family is being held hostage by the First Order for goodness sake! Many a theory abound about how Jaeger could end up being the spy, but will Disney do that? It is a kid show after all. Kids might find it pretty confusing if Yeager was the First Order spy.

Many people like the thought of Neeku as the First Order spy. Yeager fought alongside the Rebellion that restored the Republic. So, is it not doubtful he would align himself with the remaining remnants of the Empire. Captain Doza being aligned with the First Order also doesn’t make much sense because why would the First Order use pirates to conduct raids against the station if he was allied with the First Order.

Yeager was working for the rebellion, but the rest of the theory is that the First Order has captured Yeager’s family and they’re using that as leverage on Yeager so that he will be their spy.

It could be that the First Order is using Captain Dosa as a spy and giving them a certain amount of support or suggesting that they’re going to protect him from the pirates in the future.

Again, many say Captain Dosa is too apparent. The fact that they already pointed it out to the audience indicates that there’s more to it. Jarek has fought for the rebellion and lost his old life. Griff is falling around his seen the war as well and doesn’t need this in his life anymore. Torah Doza, she’s a teenage girl who loves what she does and with her father in control, why should she ever consider joining the First Order. It would make for a great rivalry with Kaz should she ever blow her cover, so this leaves Neeku.

It is a small miracle that Neeku didn’t get punched in the face yet despite his misunderstandings. So he’s either playing dumb and IS the First Order spy or he’s a guy who needs much help. What if it’s someone that we haven’t been introduced to yet?

May the Force be with you. Check out the pre-cursor to Star Wars Resistance animated show.

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