Gambling Movies you can Find on Netflix

Are you interested in gambling so much that everything you do is centred on gambling? Well, you might just be lucky because they are so many movies that you find even on Netflix. Netflix has become the talk of the day as many people are subscribing to it, embracing its existence and enjoying their moment in the “Netflix and Chill Zone”. 

Gambling Movies

Gambling movies are always readily available for anybody who feels they want to have that gambling experience in the comfort of their home for the benefit of their knowledge. Do not hesitate to try and get some tips and strategies for your favourite game from the best nz casino sites.

Guns Girls and Gambling

Just as the title suggests, the movies have a lot of action witnessed between girls guns and the game of gambling. This is an action-packed movie that gets many characters searching for an artefact that gets lost during a poker game. Amongst these characters is a prostitute, cowboys, a corrupt cop, Indians and a group of Elvis impersonators.  All these characters are in search of the artefacts as they battle against each other.


Casino is a film that unfolds the past dirty life experienced in the Fabulous Las Vegas in the past decades. This movie was inspired by a Pileggi book about Las Vegas during the 1970s. The film narrates a story of the rise and subsequent fall of Sam Rosenthall who owned Tangiers Casino. It’s a fascinating movie that has greater detail of the dirty years of Las Vegas.

Bachelor or Party Vegas

In this movie, a bunch of friends make their way to Las Vegas for a night to celebrate an upcoming wedding of their friend. They ended up hiring a bank robber as their wedding planner. They ended up being at loggerheads with the American casino security, cops and a partner of a porn star. You can definitely enjoy yourself as you learn about gambling.

Casino Royale

You cannot mention gambling movies without mentioning Bond, James Bond and Casino Royale. After receiving his license to kill, the UK Secret Service agent James Bond flies over to Madagascar, where he uncovers Le Chiffre, a man who is funding terrorists. Bond finds out that Le Chiffre plans to fundraise in a high-stakes poker game. MI6 orders Bond to play against him, thereby taking a gamble that their newest “00” operative will bring down the bad guy’s operation!

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