Why Robert Pattinson Might Be The Greatest Batman Yet

Robert Pattinson Is A Great Choice For The Batman Role
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Superhero casting news can be tricky. One thing that can be guaranteed is that there will be people who love it and people who hate it. Especially when it comes to such a beloved character as Batman. With no less than six different actors wearing the cowl in versions that ranged from campy to gothic to high tech, there’s a lot to live up to as Bruce Wayne and his avenging alter ego. But as revered as Michael Keaton’s Batman is today, at the time the actor who was better known for his fast talking comedies like Mr. Mom was a confusing choice. Keaton turned out to have more than enough of what it took to be the caped crusader. Now an actor with a sparkly past has been placed in the role of a young Bruce Wayne fighting crime in a noir themed 1990s Gotham, and the love it or hate it camps have taken their sides. Judging Robert Pattinson for his Edward Cullin roots in the Twilight series. With roles in indie thrillers and art pieces like Good Time and The Lighthouse Pattinson has been demonstrating dramatic chops that his vampire past might not have made the best use of. Helping Pattinson out is Planet of the Apes franchise director Matt Reeves who plans to take The Batman back to his detective roots, focusing more on Batman’s sleuthing than previous installments have. With villains like The Riddler, Catwoman, and The Penguin lined up to take on the Dark Knight, he might be up against a group smart enough to challenge The Batman. We might be in store for the best Batman yet.


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