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Nigo Had It Junior returns! Much darker to reflect on the darker times at this moment in time. FLABSLAB presents the [Blackout] edition. With the chaos around the world right now, one thing we can all do is take a leaf out of FLABSLAB’s Nigo Had It Junior is close your eyes and sleep tight and fuck the world, HA. Even in this Pure black state, you can admire the silhouette of Nigo Had It Junior and still comes with the iconic bench.

Inspired by a lot in the NIGO Only Lives Twice Sotheby’s auction in 2014. Blackout is the third colorway of Nigo Had It Junior.

Heres a little background story on the inspiration behind this piece.

“The actual piece shown in the Sotheby’s catalog was Lot 22 in the NIGO Only Lives Twice auction in Oct 2014. We saw this as the example of the Nigo’s brilliance. Of being able to put things together and creating something new. The Astroboy without the Jean Prouve Marcoule bench would just have been Astroboy. Putting the 2 together as 1 piece gave it a new meaning. The piece went for HKD 1.3mil or about USD 165,000.”
“We figured that since we’ll never be able to own the original, we might as well make a smaller version to make a statement about what the man used to have but had to sell almost everything he owned. So here we go, presenting “Nigo Had It”

Measuring 8” wide x 4.5” tall.
Set is cast in resin. Bench is finished in matt while the figure is glossy. Individually numbered aluminium plate on the back of the bench.





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