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Last year, Katherine Kang and BLACK SEED TOYS presented the tiny Ohonneko blind box series and our exact words was, ““O, honey, I’ve shrunk the cats!” The weekend just got a tad more adorable! Remember back in October 2017 when K2Toys “Ohonneko”  NOW the smaller Ohonneko blind box series designed by K2toy and Black Seed Toys is ready to invade your display, we don’t blame you for crying as those eyes and oversized Samurai hat pulled at your heartstrings. the mini-series contains different poses and various colours coming in a case of 12. Will these Ohonneko blind box series be the best 3 inches your honey will get?” All new poses in this series and totally full upon feasting out, HA check the ones letting the belly hang out HA.

Your favourite Samurai Cats are more adorable than ever! Check out all the new playful variations… Collect all 12 including 1 special chase figure!

DIMENSIONS:2.25 inches



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