What’s a FiGPiN? A Look at the Company behind These Collectible Pins

Figure + Pin

Started in 2017, FiGPiN has been one of the largest collectible enamel pin companies with their ultimate enamel pins that utilize uniqueness and high quality to master a truly innovative collectible. They have a variety of officially licensed products from Disney, Marvel, DC, Funimation, and various video games.

According to FiGPiN Founder, Dan Williams, “the name FiGPiN was born out of the name Figure plus Pin, and it was shortened to just one word, FiGPiN.” Not only does the company focus on the detailing and artistry of the pin but as it’s function. They looked for a way that collectors could display them in their collection along with their action figures and statues, on a shelf or a desk. “There’s always this idea of ‘how can I stand up these enamel pins?’ and coming up with an elegant way to create a backing that could work as a way to both pin it and stand it.”

FiGPiN comes in 3 different sizes, Mini, Regular, and XL. Minis are approximately 2-inches tall and are great filler pieces but have the same amazing attention to detail as the regular-sized pins. Their price range is between $7-$10. The standard pins are about 3-inches tall and are a really versatile pin. Commons usually cost between $10-$15. XLs stand at a huge 6-inches tall, which is great for collectors looking to make a statement with them a centerpiece of their collection, and range from $20-$25.

How to Display Your FiGPiN

FiGPiN display

FiGPiN collectors know there is a multitude of ways to display their pins. With the patented backer you can clasp it to a shirt, hat, bag, or backpack (much like other TPR rubber backings) and advertises your favorite fandom. You can also leave the enamel pin in its display-friendly jewel case or just let it stand on its own. Many fans display them on pinboards or in pin binders, some even go over the top and make custom display cabinets for them.

What the Heck Is the FiGPiN App?

FiGPiN App


What if you don’t display your FiGPiN on an article of clothing but you still want to take your collection with you? You can carry your entire collection of pins in your pocket with the FiGPiN app.

The app helps you stay on top of your collection. Is your FiGPiN rare? The app will let you know the rarity. Every FiGPiN ever manufactured has a unique 6-digit serial number laser engraved on the back that allows you to log into the app and look up the serial number to unlock the details about the pin cool details, such as the edition run, sequence number in the edition, artist bio, wave information, manufactured date, and rarity scale “The Factory Score”. You can also begin earning points as a proud owner of a pin called “The Story Score”. The more story score you earn, you will be able to gain access to FiGPiN ultra exclusives.

While the app currently doesn’t have its own FiGPiN price guide, you can still use it to look at you’re your perceived FiGPiN value is. While fairly new to the collectors market, most collectors will check eBay, Mercari or other secondary market sites for resale value. With more chase and exclusive pins coming out expect the value to continue to grow.

Where to Buy FiGPiN

FiGPiN Entertainment Earth

FiGPiNs can be found at a number of participating retailers including Entertainment Earth, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Box Lunch, FYE, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target. Some of these retail partners will carry rare or exclusive pins. The enamel pins can also be found at an assortment of conventions including SDCC, NYCC, ECCC, and D23 among others.



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