Iron Man's Death Is For The Best

Iron Man’s Death Was The Best Thing For The MCU
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We all miss Iron Man in the MCU, but was his death actually for the best? That’s the question we can’t help asking ourselves. Don’t get us wrong, we love Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Tony Stark is nothing short of iconic, but as fun as the character was, he caused a lot of problems for the MCU overall.

Just looking over his history with the franchise, it’s clear that Tony Stark’s ego, personality and general fear of a larger alien attack lead to major headaches for the Avengers. Just take a look at all the villains that he created because he didn’t care about anyone’s feelings like Vulture, Aldrich Killian or Mysterio. They were all personally wronged by Tony and that led them to a life of villainy. Or look at how most of his responses to major crises have led to some of the worst decisions in the MCU like Ultron or the Sokovia Accords. It all shows just how dangerous Tony Stark actually was.

Today’s video is all about how Iron Man’s death was actually a great thing for the MCU. We’ll be examining all of Tony Stark’s past actions to analyze just how safe the MCU is now that he’s gone, as well as how it gives other new Avengers a chance to shine. So check it out and be sure to leave a comment after you’re done telling us what you think. And be sure to hit that subscribe button or else we’ll get you fired from Stark Industries, which obviously would turn you into a new supervillain!


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