MCU X-Men Will Be Introduced By These Movies And Shows

The MCU Movies & Shows That Could Introduce The X-Men
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The X-Men are finally coming to the MCU Marvel fans! It’s been a long wait to see our favorite mutants go up against the core Marvel heroes. Though it does suck that we won’t see them hang out with Iron Man and Captain America.

So how exactly are they going to bring in such a massive change to the universe? It’s been over ten years and we have yet to see a single mutant. That seems like the sort of thing that would’ve come up by now. Some think that the X-Men may end up being from an alternate universe. Others think that they may have been born from the reversal of Thanos’ snap. What if I told you that they’ve been here all along?

Several of the MCU movies have left mysteries about mysterious organizations and secret government experiments. These might be clues as to what the mutants are in this universe.

The upcoming slate of movies and television series would be the perfect way to start introducing these characters and concepts. Phase 4 could be a great way of bringing in all of this considering the fact that everything in the MCU is shifting right now. Movies like Black Widow and Captain Marvel 2 are the perfect places to start dropping these clues and cameos.

So which movies and shows will they introduce the X-Men in and how? Let’s find out together when we explore how the X-Men could be introduced in the MCU.


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