Taskmaster Was Created To Destroy The Avengers

Taskmaster is the Anti-Avenger
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The Avengers made a lot of people nervous. That includes the people that they kind of work for. Those guys even tried to send a nuclear missile where they were fighting for the Earth. Imagine how nervous the Avengers make people who might end up on the receiving end of some Avenging? They might want to get their own kind of secret weapon. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the go to secret weapon of choice turns out to be a super soldier. It worked for Captain America, it almost worked for The Hulk, and did a pretty good job of making Luke Cage invulnerable.

Pursuit of the super soldier has also caused more than its fair share of problems. Natasha’s Red Room sent an assassin to steal it in Agent Carter, the Winter Soldier was after some serum when he killed Tony Stark’s parents. The super soldier is the go to way for nations or organizations to give themselves an edge. The Taskmaster has demonstrated his ability to imitate the moves of some prominent Avengers like Captain America, Hawkeye, and even the Black Panther. Those are the skill based Avengers, it’s not like you can replicate the skill of a suit of armor like Iron Man, impossible strength like The Hulk, and to get thunder god powers you have to be worthy according to a judgemental hammer. With the Black Widow solo movie set to reveal some of that red in Natasha’s ledger it might turn out that she had more than a little bit of a hand in creating the Taskmaster in the first place as a tool for taking out the Avengers.


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