Apex Legends – The Old Ways Event Trailer Reveals New Cosmetics, Prowler Hunts

The event goes live today and features a new Town Takeover.

Apex Legends - The Old Ways

Respawn Entertainment’s newest event for Apex Legends, The Old Ways, goes live later today. An animated short was revealed last week, offering some context on what’s going on. However, this latest trailer focuses on gameplay and some of the sweet new cosmetics that one can earn. Check it out below – the event will be available until April 21st.

A new Town Takeover, Bloodhound’s Trials, will be going live. Your team will enter an arena and have to face off against vicious Prowlers. Defeat them and you’ll earn some fairly good loot. Daily challenges can be completed to unlock new items and there will also be new Legendary Skins that can be purchased from the shop.

Other notable features with today’s update include Duos and King’s Canyon which are permanent additions to the game. This means players will have their choice of either World’s Edge or King’s Canyon for matches. In-depth patch notes should be provided today so stay tuned for other new additions and changes.

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