One Punch Man: This Secret Theory Explains Saitama's TRUE Power

How did Saitama Get His Epic Powers?

There’s one major mystery surrounding One Punch Man and it’s not how Mumen Rider suppresses his godlike abilities by pretending to be a mere mortal! No, the big question is how did Saitama get his extraordinary abilities. He told us that it was just following a simple workout routine every single day and never faltering, but come on! That can’t be true right? There’s no way you could become the strongest hero in the entire universe just by doing some pushups and squats everyday right?

Yeah, there seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to Saitama’s gifts and fans have been asking for awhile what the big secret could be. Well there’s one popular fan theory circling Reddit that’s certainly turning a few heads. Not just for how crazy it is, but also for how much it makes sense! It not only explains how Saitama got his powers, but how the rest of the heroes in S-Class and beyond, and even villains like Garou, Crablante, Vaccine Man, etc. all grew to be so powerful! The truth may shock you! And yes, before you ask, it definitely includes Mumen Rider! How could a video about One Punch Man not include Mumen Rider right?

So today’s video is all about this awesome One Punch Man theory, so check it out and tell us in the comments whether you think this is plausible theory to explain Saitama’s powers, or if there’s another theory you think could explain his abilities. As always, be sure to hit that like and subscribe button once you’re done to never miss out on another One Punch Man video! Let’s get into it.

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