Best Movies about Architecture

The best part about movies is that they can used as a learning aid as well. And while it may not be a lesson that comes with teacher and whiteboard marker, it will be a lesson that will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. And with that we shall look at some of the best movies that all architects and aspiring ones should definitely watch.

The Infinite Happiness, 2015

Released in 2015, The Infinite Happiness is a movie documentary that shows that follows an architects’ personal building experience. This is one movie that all architects should make sure to watch as it shows you just what it takes to be an architect as well the struggles and the joys that you will come across as well.

My Architect, 2003

My Architect is also another documentary that all architects and aspiring ones need to watch. The movie is directed Nathaniel Kahn and is about his father whom he barely knew but was a renowned architect, Louis Khan. The movie is also featured at some American online casinos slots.

In the documentary, we see Nathaniel as he explores his fathers’ past. Moreover, as we follow him, we get to see a portrait of a brilliant man, who created some of the most noteworthy buildings in California, Texas and even Bangladesh.

The Architect, 2016

While this may not be documentary, it is still a great movie that all architects can enjoy. That is in their free tie when they are not playing online casino games at goldenriviera casino en ligne of course. 

In this movie we follow a couple that hires a renowned architect to build their dream house. And in the amazing turn of events, the architect designs and builds his dream house instead of theirs. 

La Sapienza, 2014

There are days when the love that we had for something dies out, and we see that in the La Sapienza. We follow an aging architect as he goes on a journey to try and rediscover his love and passion for architecture.

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