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Check out the first teaser trailer for The Flash Season 7 from DC FanDome! The Flash Season 7 returns January 2021 on The CW. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Flash season 7 promos in HD!

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» Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh


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  1. I’m not excited to watch the flash as I use to be. I love the flash but personally the show Is getting worse and worse by season the show is not the same as it was in the first few season it’s boring now . We are seeing to much iris and less Barry. And the villains are getting lamer by season why can’t you bring a speedster villain that’s what I we want to see bring back season one writers plz

  2. Every season of the flash
    “I’m not fast enough”
    “I need my speed back”
    “I need to get them back”

  3. Who has watched flash since it came out.

  4. Welp it’s time to binge the entire show again

  5. Love the show, don't know why everyone is throwing hate at it, and also, literally the best trailer I have ever seen, the music just makes all the difference.

  6. bring Elongated Man back we all make mistakes

  7. Whoa season 7 is gonna be crazy 😁😁

  8. Just randomly stumbled upon this trailer as I ditched the series after season 3. The trailer is enough for me to tell I did not miss on anything.

  9. This was a recap of season 6 not a season 7 trailer

  10. Are they finally gonna kill Iris? 🙃

  11. Baron Palace depth of history ( 1906 – 2020 )

  12. Baron Palace depth of history ( 1906 – 2020 )

  13. Baron Palace depth of history ( 1906 – 2020 )

  14. Baron Palace depth of history ( 1906 – 2020 )

  15. So we lose Ralph and are stuck with Iris? Guess it'd better to just rewatch Season1 rather than this dumpster fire of a show…

  16. Is Iris dead yet? I stopped watching cos of her.

  17. Wow, such trash. Waiting for flash to be "fast enough" since season 1.

  18. All these tribulations for a powerless Flash & Elongated Man is nowhere to be found.

  19. Wow we're in this till the end flash ❤

  20. Who does really watch this shit still now? I was really bored of their story after season 5….

  21. Hey the boys looks good. Oh sorry !wrong trailer

  22. Imagine wathing something like this when for example you can watch Dark..

  23. Another season of the Flash losing his speed, how original.

  24. I love women and female protagonists but jesus christ, this women solves all mentality that cw keeps shoving down our throats is really annoying. We get it already. We don't need 20+ episodes of it.

  25. I've got to say, I'm excited to see defense attorney Cecile Horton further develop her powers.
    I felt the same way about Cisco. X)

  26. season looks boring as hell

  27. When is this gonna happen ?

  28. Oh my gosh I can’t wait

  29. Why does Barry get a halo on his head…is this them finally going “yeah at this point he’s CW Jesus”

  30. I just loose it when 3/4 of a film is yadda yadda bullchit talking keep the action going or i,m gone 👍

  31. Where can I watch season 6 for free pls help

  32. when is the realese date?

  33. I wonder what will be Team Flash's reaction if they find out about the new multiverse

  34. We need Harry back, do something arrowverse!

  35. Season seven the flash loses his speed again, then gains the power to cry a lot some more

  36. Yay another season of Iris West (and the flash is there too) smh

  37. Bruh only season 1, 3 and 4 were the best seasons the rest are crap I wish they would just let Barry reach his max speed and let him fight god of speed but don’t let this thing include any relationship

  38. Alguien aquí que hable español? O soy el único