Cyberpunk 2077 News – NEW Gameplay & Trailer Coming, NEW Screenshots & Preview Teases!

TONS of Cyberpunk 2077 News today including NEW Gameplay, Trailer and Screenshots announced, Preview teases from the Hands on event for CYberpunk 2077, and a ton of Cyberpunk goodies that will be dropping soon!

First up check out this epic new piece of art from CDPR in honor of the dragon boat festival. It features V on his Yaiaba Kusanagi, speeding through Night City at Night with some holographic dragons all around him.

Speaking of Screenshots, GOG released a massive library of concept arts, and screens so go check that out. They have snuck in some new images here so let’s take a look at them. First we have my favorites the concept art pieces. These are the interiors and exteriors of the stylistic themes of entropism, kitsch, neo kitsch and neomiltarism.

We also have some incredibly impressive in game advertisements. Again there is a whole department dedicated to the in game ads, to really make them stand out as believable and to show how consumer driven this world is.

We also have a brief look at the Badlands and a trailer home out in the middle of nowhere.

Moving on we have a ton to talk about here mainly preview related as a handful of journalists and big media personalities have taken a first-class ticket to Night City in the form of hands on play-sessions. These sessions seem to last around 4 hours and have taken place on action in areas like china, Poland, and Italy to name a few. These previews will go live after the Night City Wire when the embargo lifts, and our good buddy Andre over at NightCityLife has confirmed that they were not able to capture gameplay.

Seems like the first round of demos will be mainly written content or talking head videos. For those who couldn’t make a physical presence, it’s assumed that they got to play via PC streaming as we’ve seen reds utilizing GeForce Now online and from mentions from the last delay Q&A that streaming the game to the individual was what they are going to do.

The Polish and Chinese booth were shown off, where in the case of the Polish venue we have a ton of interesting movie posters, most of which we’ve seen if you’ve been following the channel for a while with the exception of Wipe Out. You can also see the logo of Night City in all it’s glory hanging off the side of the building. Welcome to the Dark Future embraces you as you enter.

The Chinese booth is a little more subdued, but encapsulates V’s weapon locker from the 2 year old demo. There is some VR equipment in there, spurring rumors of a potential VR port, but based on what CDPR has said in the past it is mostly likely purely decorative.

Now the lucky journalists who have gotten their hands on the demo also received a pretty awesome PR package containing a shirt, backpack and what looks like stickers denoting each of the 3 lifepaths. We have the Nomad, Corpo and Street Kid. Now this is obviously important as I’m fairly sure the demo was heavily lifepath focused as that is in the prologue of the game. The fact that the demo was the character creator as well as the beginning makes me believe that’s the case, which is a smart decision as preview impressions may be vastly different here based on whatever lifepath the player chose.

Obviously full opinions are not to be released until after NCW, but there have been some morsels online which indicate that these demos have been incredibly well received so far. In a tweet from a Chinese previewer he mentions “OMG this game is a miracle. I cant speak about this until the 26th, but hey, this 4 hours playing already made me forget who I am. Just wait” another player from the china booth mentioned that he created a female character with a giant penis.

We also have tidbits from Paris and SkillUp with Paris mentioning that we are not ready for whats coming and a very on brand meme from SkillUp. Again I can’t wait to actually read these full impressions when embargos are lifted.

Moving on we have CDPR announcing a Trauma Team comic series in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics. In a statement on their forumsthey mention that “Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team welcomes you into a world of deceit, greed, and desolation. Nadia, a citizen of Night City and the sole survivor of a failed rescue mission for the Trauma Team International Corporation. After she agrees to continue work for an upcoming extraction mission, Nadia and her new team find themselves in an even more dangerous and life-threatening situation. Soon they’ll discover Trauma Team is not what it seems.

Arriving on September 9th, 2020 assuming no delays this looks like a must have for comic book or trauma team fans. Speaking of Trauma Team a TT statue was also spotted at the Polish venue for the hands on previews. With this paramedical military service being so popular you can expect more products to do with them.

We also do have a cryptic announcement about Secret lab, with a very cryptic tweet.

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