Seamless Search Machine Learning Search Technology

Seamless Search Machine Learning Search Technology is a Holistic Search Engine Marketing Solution. We know many of our readers run search marketing campaigns so we thought we would run a feature on it.

Kick Start your Seamless True Search Bid Optimisation.

Seamless Search: True Search Management

  • Seamless Search is the only search management platform that enables you to manage paid and organic search holistically.
  • No more worrying whether you should pay to appear for keywords that you already hold a high organic position for.
  • Know exactly how your paid cannibalizes your organic search and vice versa.
  • Finally understand the value in paying for brand and brand generic terms

This award-winning technology was soft launched last year and has gone into full launch in Sept 2020. Learn the true value of your paid and organic search and how to use this data to achieve the best results for your business.

Seamless Search: True Search Management

Seamless Search Wins Best SEM Solution at MarTech Breakthrough Awards and also won a key award at the Drum Search Awards.

It basically answers the question on whether or not you need be running paid ads for keywords even when you have organic coverage for that keyword. In some scenarios where you do have organic coverage for a keyword you then should not need paid coverage and this software will help you running PPC ads and bid management only when it adds incremental value.

People have been requesting a combined organic and paid search management platform for eons and now its finally here. It provides confidence on search strategy, reduces volatility in share of voice and traffic and gives you full control on your bid strategy for PPC.

Seamless Search uses machine learning to assess hundreds of thousands of internal and external factors that impact the correlation between paid and organic search to determine the true value of each channel.

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