Doctor Who Fan Film – YCRF – Blood To Be Paid – Part One

Doctor Who : You Can’t Run Forever

Episode One – Blood To Be Paid

Written By Liam Atkinson
Inspired by Jamie Carroll’s ‘Saving Grace’

The Doctor is back, and this time he’s got a new companion. After a timestorm in the TARDIS, the inquisitive Lauren, a rebellious teenager from Soho, materialises inside The Doctor’s home. This time, the Time Lord is on the hunt for the last of the Great Vampires, who seems to be occupying a church. There’s only two questions – Will The Doctor defeat the Last Great Vampire, and who exactly is Lauren Pevency?

Starring Reuben Roper as The Doctor

Naomi Holloway as Lauren Pevency

Directed By Rioux Roper

Edited and Filmed by Aaron Cilia

VFX by Alex Brook

Guest Starring Indianna Smith

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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