Free Guy Trailer 2

December 11th. #FreeGuy


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  1. Lego movie + ready player one + Deadpool

  2. Yeah. Hyperbole works for me.

  3. Where is Irish video game man

  4. I'm just excited because Jack's gonna be in this movie

  5. Yea sure, Ryan Reynolds is great, but why is no one talking about Matt Lieberman, acclaimed writer of Dr Doolittle: Tail to the Chief!? Love that movie, love that man and would kiss both between the cheeks. The top cheeks.

  6. Oh for sure imma go watch the heck outta this

  7. I really hope to see it in Taiwan

  8. Ryan Reynolds, I thought you wanted movies that you are in to be BIPOC in staring roles. Why doesn't this movie have more BIPOC? Maybe, take a lesser role and allow BIPOC to have all the main roles? This might help your mission to have more BIPOC in staring roles.

  9. Hey buddy you got two copyright strike songs 😁:)

  10. Hey bro this maybe be something you would want to see

  11. Oh yeah i wanna watch soo bad now

  12. Looks awesome man can't wait to see your movie

  13. That one place looks like Scott pilgrim

  14. POV – You came here from Jack

  15. It gonna be remedy for my 2020 traumas

  16. I love Taika Waititi so much

  17. sometimes I really miss the old good gold hollywood movies…. what is this shit 😃

  18. I thought the chick was dude named Bob or something.😂

  19. Why did he got copyright issue?

  20. I didn't see Jack, is he just in a really small part of the movie?

  21. Why does it feel like i literally watched the whole movie….

  22. And they are giving SW to this director? So I guess the next SW film will be for 15 year old boys.

  23. The new stranger things trailer looks weird

  24. i cant wait for this it looks so funny and cool