AFK Arena – Official Trailer

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This video is an ad for AFK Arena. However it’s not quite the ad they asked for.


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  1. …these guys and gals and creatures…

    Ah, yes, the three genders.

  2. He spent so much time on this trailer yet I doubt he even plays the game.

  3. when he looks like Keanu reeves, then acts like Keanu reeves.

  4. Still not gonna get the game.

  5. Suggestion: Markiplier should try Vampyr. Really fun game I’ve heard.

  6. Mark, you have influenced me to download the game and I did! I didn't want to, but I am now playing and it is actually a lot of fun! And now I have you giving me heroes at the tavern. LOL. So, your trailer did work!

  7. He doesn't care about the game that much, he just wanted an excuse to make a trailer for the up coming the movie, "Markiplier"

  8. I want to see five nights at Freddy the movie

  9. i low key actually love the trailer and would watch it if it were an actual movie😂

  10. I'm curious… How much did they pay you?

  11. i'm not surprised if they paid mark with a soul for this.

  12. Every game ad needs to be like this


    AND Holy fuck this is dramatic I love it 🤍
    Acting is scary and on point

  14. I like u a fuckin lot Mark, but even after this epic made trailer, after i know youre not lying, i'll admit im not going to play this game. Pawn something and have fun.

  15. Finally sold his soul to a Freemium game…

  16. Despite the fact that I already downloaded and got bored of this game, I kind of want to redownload it now.

  17. This game is not available in my country 😡

  18. I wish this was a real movie lol

  19. man this trailer, like wow… im too adicted now

  20. I've played this before Mark even made an add about it 😅😅 just to add Mark should be an actor 😅 dang

  21. I played the game the morning this went up and was confused why mark was in the tavern, I suppose I have my answer in a mysterious way

  22. the link. WHAT IS IT!!!!OH NOOO!!!!!!!

  23. I was playing the game…then I saw the event, and I was like, what the heck Mark? So I tracked this down. And found that it was out for three days…I should check the event bar more often…
    Anyways, it is a neat game, I have no idea why a bunch of people are suddenly advertising it, though.

  24. I am convince how good the game is because of the trailer

  25. I'm actually interested in this game

  26. I love this game dude and your video got me to download it

  27. Man, Markiplier’s trailer really convinced me that this game is good stuff

  28. AFK arena hacked mark. This isn't good.

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  30. Mark is the best youtuber/person that does really really good promotion abt your product or your ad.

    Companies must be lucky to have Mark!

  31. I don’t know about you guys, but all throughout this I thought “man, Mark would make a good stunt double for John Wick.” Or “he could really be the new John Wick if Keanu stepped down.”

  32. I think that there is some hidden thing in the movie trailer that may be tied into a future project…


    markriplier: Master piece sponsor ship

  34. Lol I just seen the real ad

  35. When your overqualified to make a mobile game trailer

  36. Downloaded the game. It's "good stuff"

  37. For everyone that wants to know about the game, it takes years to reach end game but its highly addicting! Have fun!

  38. All this training to be a hero then he ends up selling hero cards

  39. When I opened up the game and found mark and Chica I was like, "hey they look familiar" then I saw this, plus the official ad, and the announcement in the game. I love the dialog mark has in the game, it sounds like something he would say 😂