Liftoff: Drone Racing | Multiplayer Trailer

Liftoff: Drone Racing is heading towards its release on November 10, 2020! The fast-paced drone race simulation comes with a challenging multiplayer mode, in which up to six players get to compete in different game modes.

Whether in classic race, Infinite Race or freestyle mode, future pilots can definitely look forward to a thrilling experience with manifold fast-paced races. The integrated leader board allows you to compare your lap times with other pilots around the world.

The classic races for example are all about reaching the finishing line as the first pilot. Whether in a forest, on a construction site or in an underground car park, on 12 unique maps with five different tracks each, every race is a brand-new challenge.

Just as action packed as the classic race is the Infinite race. Pilots do not compete directly against each other in these types of races but fight for the best lap time individually in order to be victorious in the end.

Not only races can be held together with other players. In Freestyle mode, up to six players can test tricks and manoeuvres.

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