[email protected] 2020 Summer Spotlight Series

Hey! It’s video number one in our Summer Spotlight series for summer 2020.

We’re all missing out on big events like E3 this summer that have been cancelled due to Covid 19, so we wanted to shine a light on what’s brewing this year at [email protected] We kick off in this video with an animal/skater mashup, a spellcasting battle royale with squad and solo modes, an epic fantasy air combat game, and more. We hope you’re as stoked about summer as we are. We get to play more games!

Featured games:
– Skatebird
– Spellbreak
– The Falconeer
– The Forgotten City
– Trash Sailors
– Call of the Sea
– Dead Static Drive
– Welcome to Elk

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing from YouTube feed.

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